Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ann Street Gallery's Sensing Space: Contemporary Interpretations of the Landscape

After months visiting at the wrong times, I finally got to check out the Ann Street Gallery in Newburgh, NY for their current exhibit Sensing Space: Contemporary Interpretations of the Landscape.
(Look at the great detail!) Leah Wolff - Deforestation.

The show boast a great array of art from all different medias and perspectives with the underlying theme of landscape. There are sculptures, great 2D works using a variety of material from thread to grass, a 3D animation, and more. The Ann Street Gallery does a great job of using their space for this show, with a great interactive installation by Robmat Butler and Barron Hall titled "Micro Climate Installation" in the back corner:

Here, you walk through the hallway to a dark room with binoculars. Across the room are dimly lit model homes and environments for you to see through the magnification of the binoculars.

Here are more photos some of the art:

The artist in the show are: Gail Biederman, Robmat Butler, Matthew Cox, Chad Curtis, Barron Hall, Tricia McLaughlin, Gene Schmidt, and Leah Wolf.

Sensing Space: Contemporary Interpretations of the Landscape will be on display until May 29th.

The Ann Street Gallery is definitely worth checking out for a few reasons. The first being that it is a great gallery space with innovative exhibits. The second being that it is bringing the arts to Newburgh, a city which is trying to emerge as a destination.

So go grab a bite at The Wherehouse on the corner and check out the Ann Street Gallery!

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