Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Paltz

Over the weekend I traveled to New Paltz to check out what was new there. A popular destination during my High School days, New Paltz has recently been a place often ignored by me, unless I want Taco Shack or P&G's.

So I took of on a rainy Saturday to check out the Water Street Market, which homes antique shops, restaurants, and galleries. My first stops were the antique shops. "Why antique shops?" you may ask, but if you look closely one can find lots of tools to use in art.
Old printing press blocks and old cameras. (Be warned, the cameras are as-is.)

These finds are located in the Antiques Barn, but there are tons of other antique shops around New Paltz. Some specialize in vintage clothing, some are super expensive, most are fairly priced.

Next on the Water Street Market was the G. Steve Jordan Gallery.

A great photography gallery, G. Steve Jordan captures the beautiful natural side of New Paltz. Destination spots such as Minnewaska and Mohonk Mountain House can be seen in his photographs. Prints of all his photographs are for sale at a reasonable price, matted or framed.

Further down Water Street Market a recently new gallery has opened. Transcendence gallery had moved, within the past 3-4 months, to a very creative spot for a gallery. Unable to get to find a good angle to take a photo of the gallery, one immediately walks into a small room and must walk up wooden spiral stairs to reach the main gallery space. Going on the stairs Chris Rainer's photographs are displayed as well as in the main gallery space. Chris Rainer, a leading documentary photographer who has worked for National Geographic, opened up the gallery to display his work. The current show, Ancient Marks, documents the sacred origins of tattoos and body marking.

A show of great talent and an innovative gallery space, I highly recommend checking this out.

Across the path from Transcendence gallery is the Unison Arts Gallery. Unison Arts, offers performances, art workshops, classes, and more. The small gallery is currently exhibiting the installation Holed Up by Travis Head. A highlight from the installation for me was Untitled (Booby Trap).
Immediately walking through the door, if you look up you'll be seeing a net full of 'rocks' waiting to drop on whoever walks through.

Going up Main Street (299) there are also tons of resources for artists. A quick list of those I was not able to capture are Manny's Art Supplies, the Rhinebeck Artist Shop, and the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, which was closed for spring break. Besides the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz offers great performancesschedule that are worth checking out. There are coffee shops, like The Muddy Cup, that are often filled with budding musicians, and two solid record shops.

The Hudson Valley Art Owl's next stop: Poughkeepsie.

Hoot Hoot.


  1. i am going there this week, maybe i'll cheap these places out.
    those cameras look neat, i am always tempted to buy old cameras even if they don't work!

  2. Yeah, it's worth checking out everywhere since everything is in such a close vicinity. I too, am always tempted to buy old cameras from antique stores. Once, I got a completely perfect polaroid camera from a Salvation Army, and ever since then I'm hooked.