Friday, March 5, 2010

Falcon, Marlboro N.Y.

Unfortunately last week's snow along with this week's midterms have put a damper on the Hudson Valley Art Owl as well as many locals. Now, the sun is shinning, the weather is getting warmer every day, and HV Art Owl is back on track.

I had planned on attending the Anne Street Gallery's opening of Fahrenheit 180 last Saturday, but due to power loss the opening has been postponed to Saturday, April 10th.

Instead, I traveled to my hometown, Marlboro, NY, to check out a new venue that had opened, or rather relocated, on 9w. The Falcon is a music venue that offers a variety of extremely talented musicians, with live music every Friday and Saturday night at 7. The venue boast the works of living artists on the walls, many of the works for sale to support working artists. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, the music exciting, and the menu delicious. (Yes, the Falcon offers a great menu to enjoy with the live performances.) But I think my favorite thing about the Falcon is Tony Falco asked the crowd to do before Saturday's performance from the Aaron Parks Quartet, to "Support living artists," something I'm afraid that doesn't happen enough. Yet, the Falcon seems to be getting the point across in many ways. The venue request no cover charge, just donations from those who support. It also focuses on the working artists, be it musicians or fine artists. I might just also add, that if this venue existed during High School for me, I would have definite plans every Friday and Saturday night. It's a great addition to a town that offered little entertainment and a destination for anyone in the Hudson Valley.

Photos from the visit:

Check out the Falcon's website for their schedule of upcoming shows, current artists, and menu.

As for next week, we'll see where the weather takes me. Any recommendations?

Hoot Hoot.


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  1. Wow, this venue sounds pretty awesome! I'm pretty surprised by some of the big names I see on the schedule, they definitely know what's happening in jazz currently.